Terms & Condition

Know our terms and conditions

.  By signing up on Afoinvest, you will have access to familiarize yourself with our platform and then decide to invest in forex artificial intelligence autopilot trading which is fully automated or Ecommerce trading and portfolio management.

Use of account on afoinvest?

  It's important that newly registered users either invest in our automated artificial intelligence trading technology or start a profitable automated Ecommerce investment. Users that did not do any of these will be deactivated within 1- 3 days of registration. We strictly advise new members to fund their account immediately after registration and invest in any plan package of their choice

How our services works

 Members can use our automated AI trading to get auto-profit on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and Ecommerce automated buy and sell investment in products but we do not promise fix guarantee profit return as trade market flunctuates, fix profits cannot be accurately calculated or determined from the onset. We have provided profit range based on investment capital and also incorporated a diversified ROI SYSTEM to allow all users to make money in different ways. A single capital investment with dual/triple profits system.

Business profit and risk

  Forex market is highly profitable and can return high percentage of profits within a short period of time but also volatile and comes with high risk. With the use of our Artificial intelligence and Robot system, the risk has been reduced to minimal. However, members should be aware that all business has risk and trading forex may result to partial or total loss of capital. In case of losses, force majeure will be applied. Our Ecommerce trading is stable and profitable with very low risk level. By investing with us, you are investing in either Ecommerce or Forex.

Our basic rules

 No member should steal another member's fund and if found guilty, such member's account will be banned and legal actions will be taken. Member must not use his or referral link to refer himself or herself for the purpose of getting referral commission from his or newly registered account, if such happen, we will double charge referral commission from the member's account. A member can use his or referral link to refer new other person to get referal bonus but must not use the referral link to refer himself or herself for the purpose of collecting referral bonus.

Refund Policy

 At afoinvest, we invested all members capital into our forex AI, Ecommerce trading and distribute profit to investors, so it will be difficult for us to pull out a member's capital from the market if a member request refund because, this can cause disruption to our strategic plan and market analysis. Once a member deposit on afoinvest, such member can withdraw from us as far as the money is still on deposit wallet but once the fund has been used for any of our plan or packages and invested, no refund will be issued until the end of contract expiration. However member can file a refund request to Support@afoinvest.com and if such happen, we will terminate such member's contract, but refund will be issued at least 6 months of filing refund request and only invested Capital will be refunded back to the member after 6 months.